Brinkman Painting, Restoration, and Concrete Coatings is a family owned business located in greater Bozeman, Montana area. Our team of experts designed and completed thousands of square feet spanning across Montana.

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About Us

Decorative Concrete Contractor Bozeman, Montana

Grant Brinkman, the owner of Brinkman Painting and Restoration, LLC, was born in Bozeman. Though he largely grew up in Central Montana in a little town named Denton, he has had a lifelong connection to Bozeman through his Dad and Step-Mom, who have always lived in Bozeman. Grant is a proud alumni of Dickinson State University, where he graduated with a degree in accounting. After spending one tax season working in his father, Jim Brinkman's accounting firm, Grant came to the solid conclusion that a desk job was not for him. After working in several trades, Grant came to the conclusion in 2006 that he enjoyed painting. It was also at this time that he met his lovely future wife, Jennifer.

Grant worked as a painter for seven years, learning everything that he could to eventually begin a business of his own. Rather than just painting and staining, Grant learned everything that he could to provide the best possible service to his eventual customers. From the proper oil-based primer needed on Color-Loc siding to wax bleed-through on LP siding and countless other things, Grant has done everything possible to be able to recognize and address any possible situation that he may be presented with. Instead of just learning how to stain a house, Grant took the time to learn about the technical aspects of the breakdown of the cell structure of wood do to UV and moisture and its affects on penetration and adhesion of various stains.

In 2013, Brinkman Painting was formed, and shortly after, Grant and Jennifer were blessed with their amazing daughter, April. Since then, Brinkman Painting has grown consistently every year, adding an employee or two every year. Brinkman Painting has focused on making sure to grow at a speed which still allows a primary focus on quality of service and excellent finished product. A company is only as good as its employees, and Brinkman Painting has been blessed in finding quality people to help it reach its service goals.

In 2017, Brinkman Painting is proud to present its newest service to Bozeman and the surrounding areas in decorative concrete. From the difficult faux finishing techniques to the advanced technical knowledge needed to ensure adhesion, our focus on being as knowledgeable as possible makes Brinkman Painting the best choice for bringing absolutely beautiful surfaces with rock-solid industrial strength to the Bozeman area.